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D M Tea Hawk is a sovereign, South Pacific Islander~Turtle Island Native Spiritual Earth Mother Warrior, Human Being being Human, musician/artivist, messenger, on the Red Road with a unique blend of traditional/ contemporary music in the form of INDIGENOUS ALTAR~NATIVE WARRIOR HIP-HOP. 

This West Coast American Indian Music Awards / Indigenous Legend winner Contemporary artist of the year, Polynesian artist of the year, Best new album, Best new sound for 2009/2010/2012/2014!!!

Also, hip-hop artist of the year nominee in 2010 at Indian Summer Music Awards in Wisconsin… indigenous roots are the foundation of the sound that soothes the spirit and shakes the soul. 

He is an enrolled member of the Kanienkehaka Tribe, People Of the Flint, The Onkwehonkwe (Original People Of Turtle Island)/ Haudanasaunee, People Of the Longhouse (Iroquois) peoples via. Six Nations Reserve, Oshweken, Canada (by mother, Turtle Clan) from the east, highly influences his combative lyrical style that is reminiscent of the east coast. 

D M Tea Hawk also creates and produces his own eclectic, ambient beat style, reflects the beauty of the west coast energy, reminiscent of his Polynesian roots (by father) via. The Kingdom of Tonga. A group of islands located in the deep South Pacific Ocean. 

This musician/lyricist is an inspirational Spiritual Warrior combining many elements of Native style music making: hand drum, shakers, flutes, and many other organic instruments formulated and sprinkled with traditional chants/singing. 

The lyrical content is spiritual, native, movement, conscious, with a positive uplifting message and outlook reflecting his spiritual journey across the Turtle’s Back/Earth Mother. The knowledge and wisdom reflects the light/dark, balance, of his lifetime/ ceremonial experiences within each and every song.

". . .i don't make music for fame and fortune or out of ego. I know I am no better or less than any other being upon Earth Mother. Music is my medicine to transcend, transmute and transform the anger, hate, fear, traumatization inflicted/afflicted by those responsible for doing so. 

My personal (r)EVOLution stems from the LOVE i have for Creator, Earth Mother and ALL of creation/ relatives and relations, not from the hate, spite or jealousy for others. The hip hop is sacred clown medicine delivering the smoking mirror to adversaries and adversity. The traditional songs are healing and grounding. The freestyle sessions are fun and the spoken word.... Self maintenance, lol."

The Last Sovereign Indigenous Hip Hop Spiritual Warrior,

 - DMTea Hawk

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